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Viasat Internet Las Vegas

Viasat Internet Service:

  • Internet starting at $49.99/mo
  • Speeds up to 100mbps
  • No data caps

Viasat Internet Service

Best Viasat Internet Deals Right Now

Satellite internet is not the first choice for most, but if you live in a rural or remote area, Viasat can save you the most money while offering the fastest speed. Here are the best deals available from Viasat right now:

  • Unlimited data on all Viasat internet plans
  • Two-year price-lock guarantee on your monthly rate and monthly equipment fee
  • Free Easy-care enhanced customer support for three months
  • Up to $150 in savings from plan discounts enjoyed for the first three months

Viasat offers various plans with several speed options to meet customers’ needs. Even if you generally don’t have many internet options, Viasat has plans to make sure you can browse the internet and watch Netflix without worry.

Viasat Internet-Only Deals

Currently, Viasat has four plans to choose from that range in speed and price. Plans consist of speeds between 12-100 Mbps and savings up to $150 when you select the 100 Mbps plan. Prices are between $49.99 and $169.99 per month, depending on which plan you choose. Each deal comes with a soft data limit of up to 150 GB per month. Viasat internet doesn’t have hard data caps, meaning if you go over your allotted amount, your speeds may slow down, but you won’t receive an extra charge.

Another perk for signing up with Viasat is their Free Zone times. Different plans have time slots that allow customers to use data without it counting towards their monthly limit. So, if you’re ready to watch a movie, downloading it during the Free Zone time won’t affect your data usage.

Viasat Internet Fees

As with all internet providers, Viasat requires certain equipment (a satellite dish and modem) to connect your home. You have the option to either rent the dish monthly, or to enter into a lifetime lease (meaning you can keep the equipment for as long as you have Viasat service, but you must return it upon switching providers).

If you plan on staying with the company a long time, the lifetime lease may be worth the purchase as it will save about $156 annually after the first two years of service.

Installation of the dish is usually free when you sign a contract; however, some customers may have to pay Viasat’s $99 professional installation fee. Keep in mind that the installation may cost more money if you opt for a different mounting option than the standard pole mount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viasat Internet

How much is Viasat internet monthly?

Costs vary greatly depending on the Viasat plan you choose. You may pay as little as $29.99 per month for their Liberty 12 plan that offers download speeds up to 12 Mbps, or as much as $149.99 per month for their Unlimited Platinum plan that offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Is Viasat unlimited internet?

Viasat does not offer unlimited internet, but they do not impose hard data limits either. Depending on your chosen plan you can enjoy between 12 and 150 GB of data each month. If you exceed your allotment, Viasat will reduce your connection speed greatly to avoid further overages.

Does Viasat offer unlimited internet?

All Viasat plans offer unlimited internet. However, your speed may slow down after using 40-150 GB of data depending on the plan you choose.

Can you stream Netflix on Viasat satellite internet?

Yes, you can stream Netflix and other binge-worthy streaming platforms on Viasat. If you do, view your favorite shows in standard definition (SD) resolution instead of high-definition (HD), as it will consume less data.