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Verizon Internet Las Vegas

Verizon Fios Internet Service:

  • Prices starting at $39.99/mo
  • Speeds up to 300mbps

Verizon Internet Service

Best Verizon Internet Deals Right Now

Whether you’re looking for a fast internet-only plan or big savings on a bundle deal, Verizon has some of the best internet deals available. Here’s what you could get when you sign up for either Verizon Fios or Verizon 5G Home Internet:

Verizon Fios Internet Deals

  • Free Disney Bundle for up to 12 months or PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headset and DualSense wireless controller (with the purchase of the Fios Gigabit Connection plan)
  • $300 off Stream TV Soundbar by Bang & Olufsen (with the purchase of the Fios Gigabit Connection plan)
  • 2 TB Verizon Cloud storage (with the purchase of the Fios Gigabit Connection plan)
  • Whole-Home Wi-Fi service (router rental and Wi-Fi extender included)

Verizon 5G Home Internet Deals

  • 50% off 5G Home Internet with select 5G mobile plans
  • Free Disney Bundle for 12 months (with the purchase of the 5G Home Plus plan)
  • Free Verizon Stream TV device
  • $300 off Stream TV Soundbar by Bang & Olufsen

Frequently Asked Questions About Verizon Internet

How much is Verizon internet monthly?

Verizon Fios has three internet plans that cost between $39.99 and $89.99 per month, depending on the speed you select. Verizon 5G Home Internet starts at $50 per month with typical download speeds of around 300 Mbps. Verizon High Speed Internet will cost you $40 per month for download speeds up to 15 Mbps.

How much is Verizon Fios TV per month?

You can add the Your Fios TV plan to your Verizon internet plan starting at $70 per month for 125+ channels. For $110 per month, you can add The Most Fios TV with 425+ channels to your bundle.

How much does the price of Verizon Fios increase after 12 months?

Verizon Fios prices change after promotional periods and deals end. The best way to avoid unexpected price increases is to check your bill after 12 months and see if any new promotions apply to your situation.

Can I bundle my Verizon internet and cell service?

You can get up to $20 off if you bundle Verizon Fios and Verizon Wireless services with the Mobile + Home Rewards program. Verizon 5G Home Internet customers who also subscribe to Verizon Wireless can get 50 percent off their 5G Home Internet plan.

Is Verizon 5G Home Internet faster than Verizon Fios?

Both Verizon 5G Home Internet and Verizon Fios offer download speeds approaching 1 Gbps. Even though Verizon 5G Home Internet can technically attain speeds up to 1 Gbps, it’s more likely to be around 300 Mbps. Verizon Fios is more likely to deliver the speeds it advertises. In terms of upload speeds, Verizon Fios can reach up to 880 Mbps, while Verizon 5G Home Internet can get up to 50 Mbps.